A Hearty Welcome to my website. 

Welcome to the website of author Simon Smith (Raven). Herein, you’ll find all of my work in the fiction section worlds of The Human Chronicles Third Earth and Warhammer 40,000. The fiction regarding the Human Chronicles and Third Earth is of my own creation all fiction regarding Warhammer 40,000 is unofficial. You'll also find my lyrics in the Lyric Section Enjoy your visit!



July 2010, I've finally completed Seraphim Down all the loose ends have now been tied up and Colonel Saul Rybok has done his last mission, and with that comes the complete end to the popular series, once and for all. With the end of the story also comes the end of my writing for a while, I'll be taking a break from fiction and will be concentrating on other avenues. Which finally also means soon I'll be preparing to leave my hometown and move on to pastures new.

June 2010, I'm now well underway to completing Seraphim down just a few bits to patch up and revisit as well as write the end and then that's it. I've also put an excerpt from Seraphim Down up here its the complete prologue and first chapter.

May 2010,  Below are new images for Seraphim Down.


May 2010, I've began work on the final Rybok's Rat Pack story. I've titled the story Seraphim Down and the synopsis see's The Colonel take twelve Penal convicts on the very frontier of human occupied space. This will be the final ever Rat Pack story. However it will be far darker than the previous stories and come to a final conclusion. Harry Page will be returning also to join the stoic Colonel for the final outing. Once I finish Rat Pack I will be taking a break from writing fiction and will be planning to leave my hometown finally. 


May 2010, Colonel Saul Rybok will be pulled out of retirement for one final story. So far the story will be titled Seraphim Down

March 2010, Country Rock artist Jonathan Michaeldow Davisayers has purchased two of my songs She's Lonely and Whiskey He's sent me a demo and She's Lonely sounds great. You can hear it here.

January 2010, I'm now well underway writing the story of the Battle For Harkanor, epic is just one word the story starts in a fast paced theme delving straight into the action and the battle scenes are very promising indeed.

January 2010, I have now began to write the epic The Battle For Harkanor with an introduction that sets the scene. Click on the image below and it will take you to the introduction.

January 2010, I have finished the Deathwatch sequel Deathwatch: Primus and have now began on my latest fiction. Set in the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 the Imperial forces struggle to defend the planet Harkanor should the world fall into the hands of Chaos then a great deal will be lost. The planet it's self is strategically important to the Imperium let alone the resourcefulness from the planets resources. The story is titled The Battle For Harkanor.

December 2009, Well the year comes to a close thankfully Christmas is over though we had a good one. I've yet to finish Deathwatch: Primus and will begin writing the final Deathwatch story to complete the trilogy and then I'll be concentrating on writing a new story set in the Human Chronicles and introducing a whole set of new characters to take on the fray as well as a new Alien threat.

November 2009, I've got a good way into completing my latest story Deathwatch: Primus I think it's promising and is certainly a topper for the previous story Deathwatch: Children Of The Blood. On that note  I've also been asked to write a book on Ken Dulin by the man himself the book will focus on his career.

November 2009, I finished Graham McNeil's latest book Courage and Honour and all that can be said is its just a good read. I since started and have nearly finished Dan Abnett's latest Blood Pact, now there's an author that knows how to write. 

 November 2009,  It took me literally two days to complete Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and I loved it after the hassle of the steam account downloading.

November 2009, Just got my hands on the new PC game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and you'd think you buy a game put the disc in the pc and way hey play. Not so. Still three days later and I'm downloading the shite to play the game from the Steam account I had to open. I hate that. Call me old school but I like to buy and play.

October 2009, Well Christmas looms ever closer and the dark nights have returned.
And the shops have began stocking Christmas junk. With a few things planned for the season holiday it should be a good one though very different to what we'd have liked.

October 2009, I've also been reading Graham McNeil's new book Courage and Honour and I have to say I'm zooming through it its extremely addictive. I have to say the guy knows how to write good fiction. Once I've finished that I'll be reading Dan Abnett's new novel Blood Pact. And he's another damned fine author.

October 2009, I've started to work on the second Deathwatch story in the series with new characters to join the fray and the return of Captain Lykran. So far I have subtitled the story Deathwatch: Secundas Primus. Though the title is subject to change. Most of the story will focus on the world of Primus and the imminent war with the Tau. 

September 2009, As of recently I've got tickets for up coming shows Brad Paisley. Gotta Love Country. I'll also be heading out to see Marillion's new tour Less Is More, which they have concentrated on re-recording older songs in an acoustic format. Should be a good gig after all they know how to entertain. And lastly I'll be heading out to see Within Temptation live yaye.

August 2009, All the fiction within the the website is unedited all my short story fiction is available, though in its format unedited but there for the reading.

Anyhow feel free to have a good read.